Center for Bionics
Bionics (Biology+Mechatronics) utilizes electronic devices and mechanical parts to assist humans; thereby, the core work in Bionics lies in integrating body and mechatronics.
Center for BioMaterials
We use creativity and teamwork to develop advanced biomaterials in support of national agendas pertaining to public health and the life sciences.
Center for Theragnosis
Contributing to cutting-edge technology that can revolutionize 21st century medicine, theragnosis—a convergence of molecular imaging.
Center for “Complex Adaptive Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer”
Molecular Recognition Research Center
Molecular Recognition Research Center try to understand disease mechanisms and discover new molecular biomarkers available for early diagnosis and monitoring of drug application. Development of novel therapeutic target and early diagnosis sensor system using nanocomposite will be applied to pharmaceutical and clinical intermediation research.
Chemical kinomics research center
Our missions are to discover novel small molecule drug candidates for important diseases including cancers and to decipher complicated phosphorylation-based cellular signaling networks, identification of novel molecular targets, and discovery of new functions of known kinases