Bionics Research Center
Bionics Research Center is developing digital healthcare technology using bi-directional (diagnosis + treatment) bio-interface and AI/robot technology to overcome various chronic/rare/intractable disorders.
Biomaterials Research Center
We use creativity and teamwork to develop advanced biomaterials in support of national agendas pertaining to public health and the life sciences.
Medicinal Materials Research Center
The Medicinal Materials Research Center develops novel pharmaceutical materials for the treatment of incurable diseases. Simultaneously, we develop early diagnosis and precision therapy technologies using our pharmaceutical materials.
The Advanced Biomolecular Recognition Research Center is conducting research to understand the mechanisms of disease at a molecular level and to discover the mode of action of new drugs that can be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Furthermore, by integrating nanotechnology, IT, and artificial intelligence, we are developing sensor systems targeting biomolecular markers that can be used in a clinical setting.
Chemical & Biological integrative Research Center
As a leader in molecular imaging, drug delivery, and drug discovery research areas, the Chemical and Biological integrative Research Center strives to develop nanotechnology-based molecular imaging technology, drug delivery systems, and small molecule drug discovery.
Center for “Complex Adaptive Therapeutic Strategy for Cancer”
`KIST 펠로우`에 김인산 박사 선정

의사과학자 출신…엑소좀 치료제 기여 연간 2억원, 최대 6년간 연구비 지원   한국과학기술연구원(KIST)은 김인산 박사를 ‘제2호 KIST 펠로우’로 선정했다고 1일 밝혔다….