LEE BYUNG CHUL    Principal Researcher







– Stanford University Ph.D., Electrical Engineering (2015)

– KAIST M.S., Electrical Engineering and computer science (2005)

– Korea University B.S., Electrical Engineering (2003)

– KHU-KIST Department of Converging Science and Technology, Adjunct Professor (2022 ~)

– UST Division of Bio-Medical Science and Technology, Associate Professor (2022 ~)

– KIST Principal Researcher (2021 ~)

– Stanford University, Visiting Scholar (2019)

– UST Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Professor (2016 ~ 2018)

– KIST Researcher, Senior Researcher (2005 ~ 2021)

– MEMS/NEMS based medical diagnosis and therapy

– Ultrasonic device and system

– Ultrasound AI imaging

– Acoustic metamaterials and quantum acoustics

  • Publications
  • S. Hur, H. Jeon, Md. Anzan-Uz-Zaman, Y. Kim, M.A. Shah, J. Kim, and B.C. Lee, “Subwavelength ultrasonic imaging via a harmonic resonant tunneling metalens,” International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 224(15):107339, 2022
  • H. Roh, Y.J. Yoon, J.S. Park, D.-H. Kang, S.M. Kwak, B.C. Lee, and M. Im, “Fabrication of high-density out-of-plane microneedle arrays with various heights and diverse cross-sectional shapes,”Nano-Micro Letters, 14:24, 2022
  • S. Lee, H. Jeon, S. Shim, M. Im, J. Kim, J.H. Kim, and B.C. Lee, “Preclinical study to improve microbubble-mediated drug delivery in cancer using an ultrasonic probe with an interchangeable acoustic lens,”Scientific Reports, 11:12654, 2021
  • T. Kim, D.-H. Kang, S. Shim, M. Im, B.K. Seo, H. Kim, and B.C. Lee, “Versatile low-cost volumetric 3D ultrasonic imaging using gimbal-assisted distance sensors and an inertial measurement unit,”Sensors, 20(22): 6613, 2020
  • S. Kothapalli, G.A. Sonn, J.W. Choe, A. Nikoozadeh, A. Bhuyan, K.K. Park, P. Cristman, R. Fan, A. Moini, B.C. Lee, J. Wu, T.E. Carver, D. Trivedi, L. Shiiba, I. Steinberg, D.M. Huland, M.F. Rasmussen, J.C. Liao, J.D. Brooks, P.T. Khuri-Yakub, and S.S. Gambhir, “Simultaneous transrectal ultrasound and photoacoustic human prostate imaging,”Science Translational Medicine, 11(507):eaav2169, 2019


  • Patents
  • Membrane device having wrinkled membrane on trench and fabrication method thereof, and apparatus using the same, US, 11097943, 2021
  • Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer, China, ZL 202010078743.6, 2021
  • Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer and method of fabricating the same, Korea, 10-2182063, 2020
  • Non-invasive treatment system using intermedium, Korea, 10-2085220, 2020
  • A field effect transistor(FET) type device of membrane structure and a method for manufacturing the same, Korea, 10-1767257, 2017