LEE JONG MIN    Senior Researcher







– Ph.D., Precision Mechanical Eng., Hanyang Univ., 2005

– M.S., Precision Mechanical Eng., Hanyang Univ., 1992

– B.S, Precision Mechanical Eng., Hanyang Univ., 1985

– Researcher and Senior Researcher, KIST, 1992~

– R&D Engineer, Pacific Controls Co. Ltd., 1988~1989

– AI-based quantitative assessment of stroke rehabilitation exercises using EMG signal

– Motor intention recognition based on bio-signal for driving a patient-directed rehabilitation exoskeleton

– Bio-signal processing and AI-based pattern recognition

– AI-based condition monitoring

  • Papers
  • “Foot Pressure Feedback Pneumatic Orthosis: Implication of Daily Life Walking Training for Knee Osteoarthritis Patients,”International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, vol. 21, no. 11, pp. 2191-2198, 2020.
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  • “Detecting Voluntary Gait Initiation/Termination Intention Using EEG,” International Conference on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), 2018.


  • Patents
  • Recognition method of human walking speed intention from suface electromyogram signals of plantar flexor and walking speed control method of a lower-limb exoskeleton robot (Korea: 10-1680740, USA: 10,434,027)
  • Noninvasive atrial activity estimation system and method (Korea: 10-498581, USA: 10,058,261)
  • Human joint kinematics information extraction method from multi-channel surface electromyogram signals, recording medium and device for performing the method (Korea: 10-1666399)
  • Method of monitoring machine condition (Koea: 10-1040926, USA: 8,426,771, Technology transfer: Innosignal Co. & AT Signal Co.)
  • Monitoring device for rotating body (Korea, 10-0760510, USA: 7,495,750, UK: 2445697, Deutschland: 11-2006-003-144)