Chemical & Biological integrative Research Center
Chemical & Biological integrative Research Center

The Chemical and Biological integrative Research Center aims to develop cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies that can accurately diagnose incurable diseases, including cancer, and implement patient-tailored treatments through multidisciplinary integrative researches in medical engineering and pharmaceutical sciences. This research center aims to secure future medical technologies for global competitiveness and develop domestic research capabilities to a global level by discovering novel bio-nano materials necessary for the development of integrative technologies of molecular imaging and nanomedicine and performing innovative drug discovery researches.

Sehun, Kim
Head, Chemical Life Convergence


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  • Development of treatments and identification of disease-related protein structures using structural biology
  • Development of protein/cell imaging technologies using nanotechnology
  • Development of nano-biomaterials for diagnosis and treatments
  • Development of biophotonics-based materials for diagnosis and treatments
  • Development of fusion protein-based materials for diagnosis and treatments
  • Discovery of disease-related biomarkers using proteomics and genomics
  • Development of immunotherapies
  • Small molecule drug discovery
  • Identification of mechanisms of drug action using chemical biology

Chemical & Biological integrative Research Center

분자프로테오믹스 연구팀 (이철주 박사)

KIMS(KIST InterMembrane Signaling)(김인산 박사, 정철현 박사)

BNL(Biophotonics and Nanomedicine Laboratory)

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Lee, Ji Eun
Principal Researcher
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Jeong, Cherlhyun
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Chung, Hak Suk
Principal Researcher
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So Yeon Kim
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Eunjoo Roh
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In-San Kim
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Yoon Park
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