Eun Gyeong Yang   Director-General








– Ph.D. Stanford University, Biophysical Chemistry (1994)

– M.S. Seoul National University, Bioorganic Chemistry (1988)

– B.S. Seoul National University, Chemistry (1986)

– Researcher/Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Science & Technology (KIST) (2001~)

– Director-General, Biomedical Research Institute, KIST (2017~ )

– Director, International Affairs Division, KIST (2014~2017)

– Head, Center for Theragnosis, KIST (2012~2014)

– Director, Functional Proteomics Center (2010~2012)

– Vise-President, Korean Chemical Society (2018~2019)

– Biochip / Nanobiotechnology

– Studies on hypoxia

– High-throughput screening and inhibitor development


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