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Kim, Soo Hyun Principal Researcher






1988-1992 : Ph.D. in Department of Polymer and Textile Engineering, SeoulNationalUniversity,Seoul,Korea

1978-1984 : B.S. & M,S. in Department of Polymer and Textile Engineering, SeoulNationalUniversity,Seoul,Korea

2011 – present : Tenure Research Scientist, KIST

2012 – present : Professor, KU-KIST Graduate School, Korea Univ.

2006 – present : Adjunct Prof., North Carolina State Univ., USA

2003 – present : Professor, Univ. of Science & Technology

2018 – present : President, Korean Tissue Eng. and Regenerative Medicine Society

2007 – present : Vice President, Korean Biodegradable Plastics Association

1992 – present : Principal Research Scientist Biomaterial Research Center, KIST

2002 – 2011 : Head, Biomaterial Research Center, KIST

2005 – 2011 : Head, Cardiovascular & Neural Bioorgan Research Center, MOHW

Biomedical Polymer

Biodegradable Polymer for Medical Application

Biodegradable Polymer for Environmental Application

Tissue Engineering

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