Chemical kinomics research center
Our missions are to discover novel small molecule drug candidates for important diseases including cancers and to decipher complicated phosphorylation-based cellular signaling networks, identification of novel molecular targets, and discovery of new functions of known kinases.
Caring for a better life

Caring for a better life

The protein kinase family of the human genome (kinome) is critically involved in diverse regulation of cellular signal transductions. Aberrant activation and dysregulation of certain protein kinases caused by mutation and over-expression have been implicated in a broad spectrum of human diseases such as cancer and inflammation. The identification of novel small molecules that can modulate dysregulated certain kinases becomes crucial in the field of drug discovery for targeted therapies. Our mission is to discover novel small molecule drug candidates for important diseases including cancers. Using small molecules that modulate kinase functions, Chemical Kinomics Research Center works on deciphering complicated phosphorylation-based cellular signaling networks and identification of novel molecular targets and discovery of new functions of known kinases.

Eun Joo Roh

Recent research achievements


  • 2019 Discovery of VEGFR inhibitors – J. Med. Chem. Featured article
  • 2019 Discovery of PDHK inhibitors – J. Med. Chem.
  • 2019 Orthogonal GalNAc-Transferase – J. Am. Chem. Soc.
  • 2018 Discovery of ACK1/GCK dual inhibitors – J. Med. Chem.
  • 2018 Development of esophageal stent – ACS Nano.
  • 2017 Discovery of ALK inhibitors – J. Med. Chem.


Technology transfer

  • 2020 Targeted therapy drug candidates for NRAS mutant driven
    acute myeloid leukemia
  • 2016 Targeted therapy drug candidates for sarcoma
  • 2016 FLT kinase-targeted cancer therapy drug candidates
  • 2014 Targeted therapy drug candidates for acute myeloid leukemia
Research Scople

Medicinal chemistry/Organic chemistry

Organic synthetic methods development

  • Synthesis of drug-like compounds
  • Pharmacophore-focused chemical libraries

Discovery of novel drug candidates

  • In silico drug design
  • Synthesis and optimization of derivatives
  • Targeted therapy drug candidates
  • Immunomodulatory drug candidates
  • Drug candidates for infectious diseases

Chemical biology/Cancer biology/Immunology/Structural biology/Electrophysiology

CRISPR-Cas9 genome-wide screening

  • Identification of novel therapeutic targets


Assay development

  • Assay development and screening in drug discovery


Structural biology

  • X-ray structures of compound-target comoplexes


In vivo animal model development

  • In vivo efficacy studies

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Senior Researcher
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Yeonjin Ko
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